American continent

The covenants established in the continent concerned, older links have been established with Cuba and, in this four-year period (2013-2016), there is strengthening of relations with the United States of America.
Cuban Universities
In 2005, an agreement with the Universidad de la Havana was stabilished, enabling the participation of Cuban researchers and of Postgraduate researchers in Geography and Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering at the UFC.
The theme to concatenate the studies is the Management of Tropical Watershed, in comparative analysis with experiences of Cuba and Brazil and has as main objective to analyze, by an integrated approach, management processes the tropical river basins in Latin America, with different environmental conditions, and propose management models for water resources in its global context. Several research missions were carried out, both in Cuba and in Ceará and professor in the Department conducted post-doctoral studies in Havana (2007).
Result of this agreement was the design of the International Seminar on Planning and Sustainable Development in Watershed. In 2011 the event took place on the premises of the UFC in 2013 was carried out at UNESP-PP and in 2015 at UFPA. Since 2012 activities have been developed from the project ECoMaSD - Comparative study of management of water resources two tropical Latin American basins under different environmental conditions: Magdalena Basin, Ceará, Brazil, and River Basin San Diego, Pinar Del Rio, Cuba. Funding was secured by CAPES (2010 to 2012).Funding was secured by CAPES (2010 to 2012).
The bonds with Cuba continue evidenced in the participation Professor Mateo Rodriguez in Environmental Studies Seminar (2016) and to rely on funding from the CAF (Development Bank of Latin America). It should also emphasize participation of Prof. Mateo Rodrigues in qualifying stalls and defense of theses and dissertation (2010-2014), in offering courses (2010-2014), as well as a set of published works (as in a new edition) coauthored: i.RODRIGUEZ, JMM; SILVA, EV Environmental Education and Sustainable Development - Issues, Trends and Challenges. 3a .. ed. Fortaleza: UFC Editions, 2013. v. 1. 242p ii.RODRIGUEZ, JM M. ; SILVA, EV; CAVALCANTI, APB.Geoecology of Landscapes. A geosystemic view of environmental analysis .. 4a. ed. Fortaleza: UFC Editions, 2013. v. 1. 222p.; iii.RODRIGUEZ, JM M. ; SILVA, EV. Planning and Environmental Management: Geoecology of allowances of Landscapes and Geossistêmicaa Theory. 1a. ed. Fortaleza: UFC Editions, 2013. v. 1. 370p.
American Universities
In 2012/13 along the proposal for application for admission of Postgraduate in Geography the realization of the 33rd Congress of Geographers Latin Americanists, held by the Director of LACG (Latin American Conference of Geographers -
A direct reflection of the visibility that our Postgraduate degree acquires in the country, was relevant association to said our conference, enabling completion of the first meeting in Brazil. In this sense, with the support of the Sciences Center and Pro-Dean of Research and Graduate Studies of the UFC, and features offered by CNPq, CAPES and FUNCAP, the Geography Program of the UFC organized the 2015 Congress, under the coordination of Prof.Christian Dennys Monteiro de Oliveira.In its 33rd edition. This was a specially structured communication channel to discuss strategies and innovative arrangements, the study of partnerships between various geographical research groups, able to enlarge a Latin Americanist look in characterizing the lines of our postgraduates.
The event narrowed the links between geographies of Latin America and North America, allowing a healthy exchange / complement of ideas and knowledge among geographers and deepening regional study prospects for common or integrated by renewed thematic borders. The environmental and territorial reality Brazilian first received the scholars of the Conference, constituting a privileged position to face the challenges and approaches that permeate the subject fields of Latin American geographies.
In its realization the 33rd LACG allowed an unprecedented interaction between Brazilian and North American traditions, in the exercise of partnerships and reflective deepening on the Geography of Latinity.The aim was to reach a scientific confluence of dialogues and referrals applied to geographic challenges in this second decade of the century. XXI, whose continuity is already scheduled for the next edition of the event in New Orleans (Louisiana / USA) in January 2017.We had the participation of nearly 300 participants, and 1/4 foreign researchers (United States, Argentina, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Switzerland and Peru, in order of importance), and the remaining 3/4 of all regions of the country (51% Northeast 26% Southeast, 11% North, 7% Midwest and South 6%).
The success of that event led to recognition of Prof. Christian Dennys Monteiro de Oliveira with the LACG, being awarded the Enlances Award in the 2016 version. The award recognizes the contributions of the professor mentioned in relation to the strengthening of inter-personal relationships, academic and departmental between Geography courses, level undergraduate and graduate, Latin America and the United States ( / awards-funding / honors / links-award / ).
This event was the catalyst for promising contacts with professors from American Higher Education Institutions and to justify formalized set of agreements (University of Texas and Florida) and contact establishment seeking extension thereof (University of Kansas). University of Texas In mid-2014, It was an approved PVE / CAPES project, in partnership with Texas A & M University, Texas / United States in order to strengthen ties between the geoprocessing research groups, Climatology and Water Resources between the two post-graduate courses in Geography (CFU / Texas A & M).
This project enabled the insertion of two visiting professors in our program (Christian Brannstron and Wendy), conducting research internationally in the thematic proposals, participating in academic and scientific activities: i. Distance - receiving Sandwich Doctorate students, integrating qualifying stalls and defense master's and doctoral contributing in qualitative and quantitative analysis of data; ii. in person - following annual calendar stay in Brazil, one month each year, participating in field activities, teaching regular courses in graduate school, integrating qualifying stalls and defense and study groups.
The project focus is coordinated by Professor Adryane Goraybe (UFC) and Christian Brannstron (Texas A & M) and links the theme of Wind Energy Impacts on the coast of the Northeast, analyzing, from a vision of socio-ecological systems, environmental perspectives and social deployment and operation of three wind farms on the west coast of Ceará sectors and their interrelations and analogies with wind farms implemented in the state of Texas, the leader of wind power generation in the United States.
This project is expected to end in 2018 and may be extended for another year, and it includes: 1 scholarship for foreign visitor Professor , 5 doctorate sandwich scholarships Brazil-US exchanges, 1 PhD Scholarships US-Brazil.Scholarship for doctorate sandwich:: 1) Caroline Loureiro (March-October / 2015); 2) Paula Alves Tomaz (August / 2016 to April / 2017); 3) Leilane Oliveira Chaves (December / 2016 to July 2017), Nicolly Milk (July-December / 2017); and Wallason Farias (July-December / 2017).Scholarship for Special Guest Professor: Dr. Christian Brännström (August / 2015; June / 2016; August / 2017).Postdoctoral Scholarship Dr. Claudio Frate (July / 2016 July / 2017).
In terms of academic production, by mid 2016 had five articles published and two articles in press awaiting publication in national and international journals.Continuing the connections with Texas, in January of 2016, was granted the approval of the project "Urban Water Provisioning and Household Water Security in Northeast Brazil" funded by the Fulbright / CAPES and the National Science Foundation (NSF / USA).
Its goal is to evaluate the water supply systems of urban households, considering its various sources and the quality of access to water for the inhabitants.This project is coordinated by Dr. Wendy Jepson (Texas A & M University) and will be developed by 2019, with the participation of professors and students in the postgraduate in geography program.
Regarding the University of Florida, we are writing the term that will consolidate the partnership in research and co-authored scientific articles, however, the first commitment has been signed, since in October 2016 the Prof..Simone Athayde will participate in the Program as a doctoral thesis Board member. In the University of Kansas, Prof. Chris Brown will receive in 2017 two doctorate sandwich students to do a month of training in his laboratory and we are currently drafting an agreement to expand the possibilities of exchange, including the participation as "Visiting Professor" of POSGEO UFC professors in its teaching staff.
In addition to the agreements signed and to firm, it should be noted, taking advantage of favorable ambience of LACG, establishing contact with SPRINGER that culminated in involvement of Prof. Eustogio Dantas in publishing (since 2016) of two important collections of the aforementioned publisher, recognition in the area and on an international scale: i.DANTAS, EWC; RABASSA, J.; Sluyter, A. (eds)."The Latin Studies Book Series", ISSN: 2366-3421; ii. RABASSA, J .; DANTAS, EWC; Sluyter, A. (eds). "SpringerBriefs in Latin American Studies", ISSN: 2366-763X. The work done by editors said, the latest collection has released two books in 2016 (DANTAS, EWC Coastal Geography in Northeast Brazil: analyzing Maritimity in the Tropics. 1. ed. Berlin: Springer Verlag, 2016. v.1. 66p; SILVA, JB French-Brazilian Geography The Influence of French Geography in Brazil. 1. ed. Berlin: Springer Verlag, 2016. v.1. 232p.), With two more still expected in 2016 and one more in the first collection.