The focus is on the training of professionals enabling them to understand the environmental dynamics and the territorial organization process logic, explicit effort to grasp new rationality of the semi-arid Northeast.The experiences obtained and evidenced in the bibliographic production and technical professionals involved in the program, guided the choice of two lines of research: Environmental Coastal Zone Study and Nature, Countryside and City in the semi-arid region.

In view of the proposed objectives, the course structure transcends the dichotomy prevailing rationality in Geography. When contemplating the lines of research above, the aims are to meet group of Professorrs / Researchers with diverse methodological theoretical approaches, whose the core of would be to seize the overlapping and interactions of society, in time and space, with nature and in two specific areas: the coast and the badland (sertão).

The guarantee of achieving the proposed objectives is strengthened with the binding board the postgraduate program in Geography at the Universidade Federal do Ceará with local and regional society, addressing issues and emerging issues and seeking to contribute to the training of professional staff for the public and private sector.

The Graduate Program in Geography at Universidade Federal do Ceará will aim the improvement and qualification of geographers (masters and doctors) for the exercise of teaching research and exercise activities in the field of Geography.