The Universidade Federal do Ceará has 12 sectoral libraries: Science and Technology Library, Health Sciences Library, Human Sciences Library, Law Library, Architecture Library, Mathematics Library, Marine Sciences Library (Labomar) Agricultural Economics Library, Physics Library, Graduate Library Economics, the FEAAC Library and Postgraduate in Engineering Library.

With well structured library system, online access, at a set of services is available, such as: access to the Integrated Library System (Pergamum); Search at the acquis, access to SciFinder Scholar, access to the proxy server (Journals Portal Capes) and access to TEDE (Theses and Dissertations).From preliminary survey, considering assets related to the geographical agenda, it sums up to 8,350 titles available in 15,704 copies, concentrated in the libraries of Science and Technology (3,631 books) and Architecture (2,801).It also is whorthing to note the availability of collection at other vehicles: 2,619 periodicals, 1,048 Flyers, 1633 Theses and Dissertations, 294 Videotapes, 682 Monographies in undergraduate and specialization. In order to complement the cited literature, was set up in the bibliographic program Laboratories and whose collection is around 1,000 titles.

Finally, it should be noted the commitment of the Board of the Program of Higher Administration at the Universidade Federal do Ceará to allow reinforcement of the acquis. In the first area of the college, was adopted Professors convincing policy of the importance of allocation of a portion of funds from their projects to acquire books. In the second area, there is sensitivity of the Senior Management, with the implementation of collection of acquisition policy for the university libraries, consisting in actions aimed at postgraduates and among which is Geography.In late 2011 the Federal University of Ceará acquired Springer 2010 collection, providing a total of 7,826 electronic books online, in various areas of knowledge, expanding its collection, including in the field of Geography.