It aims to promote research concerning the dynamics of nature and geo-environmental analysis, political, economic and cultural of cities and their networks, analyzing changes and continuities in the representations and new geographical information systems, expanding spatial configurations related to urban expansion in wetlands and coastal.


Prof. Dr. Adryane Gorayeb Nogueira Caetano;
Prof.Dr. Antonio de Andrade Jeovah Meireles;
Prof.Dr. Alexandre Queiroz Pereira;
Prof. Dr. Edson Vicente da Silva;
Prof. Dr. Eustógio Wanderley Dantas Correia;
Prof.Dr. Jean-Pierre Peulvast;
Prof.Dr. Luis Renato Bezerra Pequeno;
Prof.Dr.Maria Clelia Lustosa da Costa;
Prof. Dr. Pinheiro Rubson Maia;
Visiting Professor: Prof.Dr. Christian Brännström

Projects of Research:

  • Analysis and Environmental Monitoring of the Estuaries of the State of Ceará
  • Eye on Water
  • Field Dynamics of moving dunes and Geoenvironmental evolution of Water Associated Resources
  • Comparative Studies of Watersheds in Brazil and Cuba
  • Study of Integrated Landscape of Coreaú-Ceará Watershed
  • Eurobroadmap. Visions of Europe in the world • Geoecology of Landscape and Environmental Planning in estuarine and coastal areas of North and Northeast Brazil
  • Géomorphologie structurale et Morpho-Pedologie du Ceará et des Régions Environnantes
  • Gestion Ambiental Integrada en Asentamientos Comunitarios del Litoral Cearense
  • Social and Environmental implications of Shrimp Farming to human health in Baixo Jaguaribe - CE
  • Initiatives for Sustainable Coastal Management: A Question of Human Rights, Dignity and Environmental Conservation
  • Management of Tropical Watersheds: Comparative analysis of experiences in Brazil and Cuba
  • Metropolises: territory, social cohesion and democratic governance Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza ...
  • Migratory Sorebird Conservation and Shrimp arming in NE Brazil
  • Living in the Beach: Vilegiatura in Northeast Brazil
  • Néotectonique et Géomorphologie Dans le Bassin Potiguar (Rio Grande do Norte, Brésil) • collective representations of the Sea and the Sea in the Tropics

Extension Project

  • Verde Água Viva Romm
  • IDEA - didactic interactions in Indigenous Education and Environmental


It aims to stimulate and develop research related to regionalization strategies, border connection (national / international) and the occupation of territories, through technical challenges, cultural and geo-economic of modernization and internalization of agricultural development policies, expanding spatial configurations of and semi-arid hinterland regions.


Prof. Dr.Alexandra Maria de Oliveira
Prof. Dr. Christian Dennys Monteiro de Oliveira
Prof.Dr. Flavio Rodrigues
Prof. Nascimento Dr. Francisco Amaro Gomes Alencar
Prof. Dr. Jader de Oliveira Santos
Prof.José da Silva Borzacchiello
Prof.Dr. Joseph Levi Furtado Sampaio
Prof.Dr.Maria Elisa Zanella
Prof.Dr.Marta Celina Sales
Prof.Dr. Vládia Pinto Vidal de Oliveira
Visiting Professor: Prof. Dr.Wendy Elizabeth Jepson

Projects of Research:

  • Analysis Desertification Indicators Comparative in Region Inhamuns (Ceará) and Santiago Island, Cape Verde Archipelago (Africa)
  • Socio-Environmental analysis of degraded areas of Cape Verde
  • Geographic Pedagogical Evaluation of Geopark Araripe: Interpreting the distances tourism and Heritage Education in Teacher Training
  • Study of Degradation / Desertification in Irauçuba-EC • Urban Climate Study in Singapore under the focus of the urban climate system - SCU
  • Image, Heritage and Shrines Cearenses • Urban Flooding in Curitiba-PR: Impacts, risks and environmental vulnerability in Cajuru neighborhood
  • Soil Mapping to optimize the use of agricultural productivity in the areas of Pronaf influences: Region Inhamuns-CE
  • Metropolises: territory, social cohesion and democratic governance Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza ...
  • Media resources Secondary Schools in Geography: Experience of Obstacles and Overruns
  • Access Policies to Earth and Territorial Development
  • Tourist Religiosity and Faith Shows: Catholicism Mariano Geoeducacionais Strategies in Ceará Sanctuaries
  • Territorial Transformations in the Field: Practice, Knowledge and Powers in Relation Society - Nature in Ceará State
  • Overexploitation of Labour and the Seasonal Worker
  • Ecological-Economic Zoning of the areas directly affected by the reservoir of the dam Castanhão

Projects of Extension:

  • TEL - Educational Tourism Location: Student's Place is in the World of the Streets
  • Training About Brazilian Reality for Young Settlers of Ceará MST.
  • Continuing Education of Ceara Fishing Communities Teachers
  • Urban Tracks: fieldwork as geography teaching strategy.
  • The territorial dimension of festivals and tourism: comparative studies of intangible heritage in the states of Goiás, Ceará and Sergipe