European continent

Of the pioneering academic covenants, made with France and Germany, it is perceived diversification of partnerships with Spain and Portugal.
Spanish universities
The largest number of agreements was signed with Spain, involving great number of higher education institutions. From the initial base, professor training of the postgraduate school in Zaragosa institutions and Barcelona, Currently, research covenants are signed strengthening the connection level with the Spanish School and in the field of symmetry.The first of these agreements was signed in 2010 with the Universidad de Huelva.
This is partnership work provided under the Tourism Planning and Land for joint studies of our program and the GEIDETUR (Research Group on Innovation Development Strategies of Tourism Enterprises), coordinated by Professor Dr. Alfonso Vargas Sanchez ( http: // ).
The proposal is to establish comparative studies between Huelva / Andalusia and Ceará / Northern Northeast and possible establishment of research partnerships and visits of professors, masters and doctoral students in the areas of tourism, territorial and environmental management and education in higher education. The said agreement enabled the Geography Program of the Universidade Federal do Ceará participation in teaching innovation project, La Evaluación en Asignaturas de Geografía, Metodología Para el Establecimiento de Sistemas de Evaluación Formativa y su Seguimiento.
In the same year it was signed a partnership with the Master's program (Máster Oficial) in Ordering and Management in Territorial and Local development, the Universidad de Seville. This agreement validate a more general statement of commitment between programs of Universidad de Seville and the Universidade Federal do Ceará, that since July 2010 had already been signed.
It was established with the participation of Professor Enrique Javier Lara Lopes, of the Department of Regional Analysis. From the postdoc of the Professor Christian Dennys Monteiro de Oliveira (December 2010 to June 2011, supported by Capes and Carolina Foundation) this partnership possible receive new visiting professors, working mission researchers and / or post-doctoral training, besides postgraduates through sandwich scholarships. A result of the aforementioned agreements two students conducted between 2014 and 2015, PhD sandwich in Huelva and Seville Universities.
In 2012 connections with the Universidad Autônoma de Barcelona were resumed, with the reception of the Prof.Sergio Rossi, with the aim of developing scientific research in Litoral Cearense and taught discipline Graduate (Special Topics 03 credits, entitled Global Change, Climate and Impacts on Ocean), for our students and other UFC programs (LABOMAR and PRODEMA).
In partnership with the Professor Jeovah Antonio de Andrade Meireles, professor at our program, this agreement has enabled; i. Reception graduate student at the University of Barcelona, undergraduate students (15 students 2012-2014) and two fellows Postdoctoral (2016) and co-supervision of a Ph.D. at the University of Barcelona (2015) respectively under monitoring, guidance and supervision of Prof.Jeovah Antonio de Andrade Meireles; ii.Publication in Journal English language Indexed (Shrimp Aquaculture in the Federal State of Ceará, 1970 and 2012: Trends after mangrove forest privatization in Brazil.In: Ocean & Coastal Management - 2013); iii.Design approval in High School Notice studies in 2015.
In it the Professor Jeovah Antonio de Andrade Meireles has achieved progress and consequently, provide theoretical and practical bases for the development of research to address the environmental dynamics of the oceans and coastal areas and in order to assist in the preparation of database inter- and multidisciplinary directed to global change indicators.
In activities counted with the participation of Prof. Dr. Sergio Rossi, scientist specializing in marine natural resources and biological oceanography, focusing on health indicators of benthic coastal populations, coastal biological processes, benthic-pelagic coupling (matter and energy flows) and research aimed at the production of basic data for characterization of environmental indicators related to climate change and sea level.
The methodologies involved were treated at conferences and courses ( "Special Topics 2015.2" and "Geoenvironmental Dynamics of Coastal Zone 2015.2"), to submit tools to substantiate the studies related to the Coastal Zone of the Northeast and Brazil. In the interim we see the consolidation of the partnership with the University of Barcelona, focused on the search for "Ecosystem Services Valuation Integrated: A theoretical construction - methodological support for the conservation of coastal ecosystems in Brazil" and to consolidate in the PhD supervision in Brazil, together with the professor Marta Guadalupe Rivera Ferre from Universidad de Cataluña Central and Sergio Rossi Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.
In 2014, it was signed an agreement with Universitar de les Illes Balears. As a first step in the consolidation of this process, our professors have participated in the same year, doctoral defense stands in Spain, and we already have had the participation of doctors trained in this institution in our post - graduate program, lecturing and presenting thematic papers. Finally, there is also forwarding, in 2014, a former student of our Master, with scholarship of the Brasil Sem Fronteiras, took her doctoral studies at the Universidad de Alicant, under the guidance of Antonio Alledo.
Such insertion raised bonds between our institutions and made possible: i. Co-supervision of Ph.D. of the said student by Professor Eustogio Dantas;Prof. Participation Alledo, with resources of their institution, the XIV Urban Geography Symposium (2015) (In which our Postgraduate acted as organizer) Roundtable entitled "Cidade um Projeto para o Futuro".
Portuguese Universities
In Portugal, several contacts have been established to formalize agreements similar to what have happened in Spain. The first was with the Universidade de Minho (Campus de Guimarães), involving the Professor João Sarmento who indicated a possibility of partnership involving the UFC and UFPR.
However, even attempting to implement it in 2013, until now our intention to direct business researchers to promote investigations with Urban Geography and Cultural is yet not effective.
In 2012 it was configured with the Instituto Politécnico de Leiria, agreement (2012) under the responsibility of Professor Maria da Graça Mouga Pool Santos, representative of the Research Centre for Identity (s) and Diversity (s) (IDRC-IPL, coordinated by professor José Carlos Marques Laranjo).
We formalized in 2013, an agreement with the Universidade de Coimbra, under the auspices of the Integrated Management Project Watershed. To this end joint activities have been held between the two institutions.
In late 2011 / early 2012, post-graduate student conducted our Sandwiches doctorate at the Universidade de Coimbra, under the guidance of Prof.Dr. Lucio José Sobral da Cunha. In 2013, expanding this bond is established contact with Professor Santana, specializing in Health Geography and allow reception in 2014, three PhD students to meet part of their credits in aforementioned institution of higher education.
In 2015, the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning-IGOT, the Centre for Geographical Studies, Universidade de Lisboa, the doctoral student Tiago Estevam Gonçalves experienced the sandwich doctorate activities in the field of Urban Geography and under the guidance of Prof. Herculano Alberto Pinho Cachinho.